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X12 Segment

Defines the X12 Segment Class


Each line in an X12 document is called a segment Each segment contains one or more elements The first element identifies the type of segment

This class will parse a segment into the individual elements

public X12Segment(String segment)

create the {@link X12Segment} using the default delimiter

  • Parameters: segment
  • Returns: {@link X12Segment}

public X12Segment(String segment, Character dataElementDelimiter)

create the {@link X12Segment} using the delimiter provided

  • Parameters: segment
  • Returns: {@link X12Segment}
  • Exceptions: PatternSyntaxException — if the delimiter results in invalid regular expression

@Override public String toString()

returns the original segment value

public String getIdentifier()

extracts the first data element in a segment which is the segment identifier otherwise return an empty String

public String getElement(int index)

retrieve the element at a particular index in the segment

private List<String> splitSegmentIntoDataElements(String segment, Character dataElementDelimiter)

parses the segment into a list of data elements each date element is separated by an asterisk (*)

Last update: July 5, 2020