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Geographic Distribution

Network Timing

NTP instead of Chrony

Chrony is by default the standard network time communications protocol in most modern linux distros.

NTP Configuration

$ sudo yum -y install ntp || true $ sudo apt-get --assume-yes install ntp || true sudo sed -i '/^server/d' /etc/ntp.conf sudo tee -a /etc/ntp.conf \<\< EOF server iburst server iburst server iburst server iburst EOF sudo systemctl restart ntp &\> /dev/null || true sudo systemctl restart ntpd &\> /dev/null || true sudo service ntp restart &\> /dev/null || true sudo service ntpd restart &\> /dev/null || true sudo restart ntp &\> /dev/null || true sudo restart ntpd &\> /dev/null || true ntpq -p

Network Infrastructure

[[Security Audit and Remidation underway]]

Network Mapping

Protocol Port
TCP 30303/5
UDP 30303/5
Metrics 9545
Websocket 30305/8546
RPC 8545
GraphQL 8547
prometheus 90909/tcp
IPFS 4001/tcp
IPFS 5001/api
IPFS. 8080/tcp

Last update: June 27, 2020